-- Colorful musical composition # 5--mixed technics on canvas 99x 99cm.

— Colorful musical composition # 5–mixed technics on canvas 99x 99cm.

Color Therapy ( part 1)

Color therapy (treatment color) – is the use of color to eliminate the disease and healing for the body. It was proved that the color can cause physiological changes in the body cells. Use of color and light in color therapy results in alignment and increased energy. Body, mind, soul acquire a harmonious state.

Color is able to increase or decrease our energy. Colors play an important role in our lives. Each primary color has its own individual wavelength and a certain amount of energy; Different colors have different effects on people.

For centuries, Hindus have tested the effect of color on humans. Color therapy, which does not cause any side effects, used in ancient Egypt, China and Tibet.

The fact that the effect of color on the human is a therapeutic effect and is not secret.

Today, color therapy is a leader among alternative treatments.

Color therapy can not replace medical care and completely get rid of all diseases, but if you need to fill the body, mind, new energy, lead to balance the internal state, the medical color therapy will help you.

Influence of color on mood, health, way of thinking has been studied for many years. According to the scientists, when the colors of the energy goes into our body, it stimulates the pituitary and pineal glands. This in turn affects the production of certain hormones, which affect a variety of physiological processes. All this explains the effect of color on mood, thoughts and behavior. The color seems to cause the effect even in blind people who are believed to sense color, as a result of vibration energy generated in the body.

You must always remember that the colors you choose to wear, office, home, car, etc. Can affect you. It is important to choose a color suited to your particular purpose. For example, blue has a calming, relaxing effect. Blue lowers blood pressure, normalize heart rate and breathing. To eliminate the pain, back problems, get rid of insomnia, rheumatism, inflammatory diseases, surround yourself with blue. Best location – countryside, where the blue sky, the water causes a feeling of calm and “oneness” with the universe.

The most common color is the green of nature, it is just as blue and blue is a calming feeling. Green color is relaxing, relieves fatigue, feelings of anxiety. People who are depressed, tired, have heart problems, you should live in the green countryside.