-- Colorful musical composition # 10--mixed technics on canvas 96x 90cm.

— Colorful musical composition # 10–mixed technics on canvas 96x 90cm.

Color therapy (part 2)


Let us examine how color therapy affects our health and inner state.


. Red is the color of fire, love, blood, it stimulates the body, stimulates, brings vitality, strengthens the senses.

Red is helpful to wear in disorders of blood, circulatory disorders, diseases of the digestive organs, reduced blood pressure. It enhances the activity of the stomach, increases appetite. The red color is not suitable to wear for cancer patients, irritable people.

Orange color

This color stimulates the appetite, relieves fatigue, fills people’s optimism and joy. Use this color for the kitchen, for example, get an orange tablecloth. This color should avoid people who are trying to lose weight. Orange treats allergies, fatigue, constipation.


This noble color develops in the human spirituality, intuition, concentration. Purple calms the nerves, relieves irritation, pain. This color has always been associated with magic, mysticism, spirituality, a miracle. It cures insomnia, anemia, obesity (appetite suppressant).

Pink color

Pink has a soothing effect on the body, relaxes the muscles, creates a sense of romance. Pink color is a mixture of neutral red and white. It is a symbol of life and love. It is useful to wear in depressive states, the nerve experiences. Pink fills life with positive energy, ideal for the bedroom.


The yellow color is the most striking and memorable of all colors. Yellow increases blood pressure, heart rate increases, but to a lesser degree, in contrast to red. Yellow has a tonic effect, used to treat muscle spasms, hypoglycemia, gallstones, an overactive thyroid. The yellow color is considered the color of artists, intellectuals. People who love yellow are popular in society, courageous, they are easy to make friends. It improves memory, thinking, stimulates the brain and nerves. Color therapy using a yellow color can be used to treat diabetes, epilepsy, impotence.

Green color

This color boosts the immune system, counteracts stress, balances the physical and mental energy, relieves pain, tension and relief.

With the help of color therapy green improves health. This color is a combination of two colors: yellow and blue. Green is an indispensable source of energy necessary for the recovery of the nervous and cardiovascular system.

Blue colour

Blue color and color therapy with this color helps to cope with depression, nervous tension, treats inflammation, dental pain, joint disease. Blue cope with migraines, high blood pressure, relieves insomnia. It is the color of tenderness, fidelity, color of the sky, the sea. Angry, irritable, barely controlling his emotions very useful to select only the blue color of the clothes. He is also able to deal with skin problems (acne), softens the skin.


This color is a combination of red and blue. Crimson color improves digestion, stimulates physical activity, soothes an upset stomach. Ideal when the kidneys, lungs problems. It has a distracting effect, great for color therapy (treatment color).


The color indigo is associated with the third chakra, situated roughly between the eyebrows. This color enhances intuition, lymphatic system, immune, helps in cleansing the body. Indigo color is ideal for the elderly. It is used to treat diseases of the head, ears, neck, feelings of addiction. Indigo eliminates mental disorders, spasms, hypothermia, reduces swelling.

White color

White reflects all the energy frequencies, strengthens the aura. White heals and protects. White is the color of purity, innocence.

Grey Colour

This color as well as black are not used in the phototherapy. Gray is formed at the confluence of rich white with the addition of black. Gray love people shy, timid. People who suffer from depression should avoid gray.

Black color

Black is the color of “power” and selfish color. Try wearing black clothes constantly to improve the strength and self-confidence. Black suppresses appetite. If you want to lose weight, then cover your dining table of black cloth.