--Flat races--oil on canvas 120x100cm.-2004. Original

–Flat races–oil on canvas 120x100cm.-2004. Original

It is known, that jumps on horses were widely spent in India and the Ancient Greece, at least in 1000 BC, and is possible, and even earlier. Jumps made a body of the program of Olympic games in the Ancient Greece, spent with VII century

In this picture we have tried to transfer all sports heat during races.

. In XVIII century for the first time in the Great Britain national rules and position about carrying out of races have been developed. Then the first Jockey-club who has received powers to supervise carrying out of horse competitions has been based. For the first time official records have been fixed, nicknames of horses have started to be registered, and their family trees were brought in breeding books. And now many people find in this kind of sports a way out for the emotions.